Secret Sound

It may have you puzzled...scratching your head, even yelling at the radio...

The New Country Secret Sound is back!

Guess the the cash! 

Play weekday mornings with Scotty & Tony at 7:15 & 9:15

Afternoons at 12:15 with Paul Thomas and 4:15 with Shilo

Every wrong answer raises the jackpot $50!

Secret Sound #4

Wrong Guesses:

1) Somebody making an iced coffee and stirring it

2) Turning on the tap and its dripping

3) Pouring mix into a blender with ice. Blending it. Adding whiskey to the drink

4) Putting Ice in a blender. putting liquid on top of it

5) Pouring coffee beans in a grinder. Grinding them. making coffee

6) Putting ice in a blender.  Adding orange juice, turning the blender on, and pouring into a glass

7) Got a blender, put stuff in it and threw ice in it. Blended it up and poured in rum.

8) Pouring Ice, taking electric knife and cutting a bottle top, pouring bottle out.

9) Spilling candies on the floor. Vacuuming the candy up. Pouring a drink

10) Opening a bottle of wine with an electric corkscrew, putting the corkscrew down, then pouring a glass of wine

11) Taking Ice out of the fridge. Blending it. Pouring it in a glass.

12) Pouring coffee beans into a bucket. using an electric drill and liquid in the bucket,

13) Filling up a blender. Blending up a drink. Pouring the drink into a cup.

14) Pouring soda onto ice. Grinding it up. Pouring it in a cup.

15) Pouring soda in a blender. Turning on the blender. Opening a bottle of Champagne, pouring it into the blender.

16) Pouring coffee beans into a coffee grinder. Turning on the grinder. Getting water out of the water cooler.

17) Pouring ice in an ice crusher. Pouring it into a cup, and pouring pop into it.

 18) Making a smoothie, putting the berries in a blender, starting the blendier. Shutting it off, takeing the top off and adding a liquid.

19) Putting ice in a ice crusher, mixing it up, adding some pop or soda, mixing it again, pouring it in a glass.

 20) Going in the fridge, getting a liquid, pouring it in a blender, blending it, pouring it in a glass...then tossing in a couple ice cubes.

21) Pouring m&ms into a blender, blender on, blender off, and pouring pop

22) Pouring coffee beans into a grinder, grinding the beans, putting the water into the percolator/coffee pot

23) Pouring coffee beans into a grinder, grinding the beans, pouring water into a jug

24) Making an energy drink with ice and bacon. Blending it up. Going to the cupboard for a glass to pour it all in

25) Putting smarties and ice cream in a blender and making a smoothie

26) Putting coffee beans in a grinder. Grinding them. Adding a bottle of water.

27) Cooking bacon, pouring the fat in the blender, turning it on and pouring in some booze

28) Getting a can out of a cooler full of ice, opening it with an electric can opener and pouring it into a glass

29) Filling ice bucket with ice and a bottle of wine, opening the wine with a drill, pouring wine into the glass

30) Pulling a bottle out of a bucket of ice, picking up the drill, drilling a hole and dumping it into glass

 31) Pouring nuts and bolts into a glass container, turning on a drill, turning off the drill and putting it down. Getting a glass, and pouring a drink.

32) Taking a bottle of sparkling wine out of the ice bucket. Using a drill (with a router attachment) to grind up the ice. Put the wine back in the bucket.

33) Putting juice into a blender, adding ice, blending it. Shake it in a glass  

34) Somebody making an alcoholic drink in a blender.

35) Putting beans in a coffee grinder, turing the grinder on, placing a cup on the counter, pouring something in the cup.

36) At a Cafe making a latte, eating chips and grounding the coffee to pour in. 

37) Putting ice in a glass, taking a drill, drilling a coconut, pouring the coconut juice in the glass

38) Oouring coffee beans in grinder, grinding them, putting coffee in the coffe maker, pouring in water

39) You got a drink, you want more, your go to the bucket, use a drill with a paint mixer attachment, pour more booze in.

40) Drinking out of a plastic cup, putting the cup down, doing some work with a drill, putting it down, filling up the cup 

Secret Sound #1

Winner: Amanda O'Blenis

"Pouring coins/change into a bucket. Turning on a razor/shaver/trimmer. Dropping the razor/shaver/trimmer into the bucket."


Secret Sound #2

Winner: Melissa Meunier 

"Handsome Paul on the phone booking a hair appointment, he slams down the phone, someone grabs the phone and throws is in the FERO bin"


Secret Sound #3

Winner: Jeanette Hicks

"Tony sleeping. He is woken up by an alarm. He shuts it off with a peice of bread in his hand" 





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